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BELT AND ROAD ASSOCIATES, an organization registered in London UK, started in 2016 with a very clear business plan. Bridging Chinese Investment Funds with Investment Plans on the “One Belt One Road” way of China.
We mainly engage in overseas mergers and acquisitions and investment banking business.

We are people who have been working for many years with Chinese companies and we know well the secrets of doing business with this wonderful people.
At the same time, we are well aware of the Local Market reality in order to bring in contact people and businesses from the two countries to achieve successful partnerships.


Our team comprises people with experience in important aspects of the fields necessary to promote successful partnerships. We effectively cover the areas of investment plans, search for investment funds and strategic partners, legal support both in the country where we operate and China.
We believe that in business it is not enough to want something but you need to know how to succeed. And in order to succeed, there are paths that need to be followed, with significant difficulties or insurmountable obstacles. We are there to assist you reach the goal, overcoming any obstacle on the way.