PP TENDER, WATER DAM (the Havria Halkidiki dam)

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PPP TENDER, WATER DAM (the Havria Halkidiki dam) GREECE, VALUE € 85 mil, Pre-Selection submission date September 2, 2020 30 years contract. The Greek Government. The bidder: 1) will prepare the studies necessary for the construction design of the project and will ensure and expedite the obtaining of all necessary permits; 2) will construct the whole [...]


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CASH REBATE OF UP TO 35% FOR AUDIOVISUAL WORKS IN GREECE BELT AND ROAD ASSOCIATES will support all Chinese companies who wish to take advantage of the legal framework for incentivizing the production of audiovisual works in Greece, by providing a State grant (cash rebate) for an amount of up to 35%. The incentive regards the [...]

Hemp cultivation in Greece

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MEDICINAL CANNABIS By way of exception, natural and legal entities are granted the option of cannabis cultivation for the sole purpose of producing finished medicinal cannabis products to supply the state monopoly and make them available to patients or export them for medical purposes Access to cannabis of a specific strain (Cannabis Sativa L with more [...]

Bauxite of very good quality, export to China

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Our customer owns a mine in Greece that produces bauxite of very good quality, with the ability to produce 150,000 tons per year. The chemical composition of bauxite is Αl2O3     59,5%, SiO2    2,0%, CaO   1,8%. Looking for customers for annual production. Are you interested in such a product? For further information contact


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INVEST IN GREECE FORUM 2020 COMPLETED WITH SUCCESS INVEST IN GREECE FORUM 2020, which was organized online on June 4, 2020, was completed with great success. More than 400 Chinese, executives of companies investing overseas, participated in the 3-hour Forum and were informed about the possibilities that Greece offers today to foreign investors. It is the [...]

BRI lights future for Greece-China ties

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BRI lights future for Greece-China ties By George Floras Source:Global Times Published: 2020/6/8 16:28:41 Trade opportunities expected in energy, transport Greece was the first country in the European Union (EU) to sign an agreement with China for the development of the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), despite objections from EU leadership. Greece was also the first [...]

GREECE, NEW PPP PUBLIC TENDER, TOTAL VALUE € 94,000,000, bid submission date June 18, 2020.

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GREECE, NEW PPP PUBLIC TENDER, TOTAL VALUE € 94,000,000, bid submission date June 18, 2020. IMPORTANT OPPORTUNITY FOR CHINESE CONSTRUCTION COMPANIES Athens 26-04-2020 The public tender "Implementation of Student Halls & Other Educational and Research Facilities in Volos & Lamia" was announced, a PPP project with a total investment cost of € 94 million (VAT excluded). [...]

Together we will win.

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BELT AND ROAD ASSOCIATES participate with dozens of Chambers, Organizations and Associations from around the world in the fight against the epidemic. We are sure that together, in the end we will win. #beltandroad #bri #beltandroadinitiative 共同维护全球正常的经济社会秩序 2020年04月08日16:01  来源:环球网 2020年4月8日,环球网、“一带一路”国际商协会大会组委会联合36家国际商协会,发出《关于加强各国商协会组织抗击新冠肺炎疫情 共同维护全球经济社会秩序的联合倡议》。 倡议提出,在新冠肺炎疫情处于国际范围内快速传播、国际经济贸易受到严重影响的大背景下,各国商会、行业协会等应积极发挥社会组织力量,促进全球商协会齐心协力、团结应对,共同维护全球正常的经济秩序。 这36家商协会同意,疫情过后,将继续利用“一带一路”国际商协会大会等国际会议和活动,搭建商品展示交易、经贸洽谈、新品发布、技术与信息交流的国际合作平台,汇聚全球优势资源,为世界经济复苏和社会发展注入正能量,培育新动力。 截止目前,确定联合发起该倡议的有36家国际商协会。还有更多商协会正在积极加入。 倡议内容如下: 确认参加商会共36个(排名按字母顺序) 中国澳大利亚商会 奥中国际经济贸易促进会 奥中企业交流协会 博茨瓦纳中资企业协会 柬中投资协会 北京温州企业商会 中国健康管理协会 中国民营科技实业家协会 中法工业协会 德国国际企业家商会 希腊雅典商会 [...]