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To the Local companies looking for investment funds from China we offer:

  1. Evaluation of their investment plan based on our experience from Chinese investors.
  2. Drawing up an investment plan, if it is not already available.
  3. Promoting the investment plan to Chinese investors and Chinese Investments Funds interested in investing in the Local market.


To the Local companies wishing to export their products to China we offer:

  1. Search for buyers in the Chinese market
  2. Provision of brand management services to the Chinese market. We assist the companies to develop a strategy that can work in China.
  3. Full support for sales promotion through CROSS BORDER e-COMMERCE.
  4. Provision of services for the creation of shops on platforms such as Tmall (Alibaba), JD.com, VIP.com, Mei.com, etc.
  5. Retail services – provision of services to companies for the access to physical points of sale to meet the general public.


To the Local companies wishing to find suppliers from China we offer:

  1. Search for suppliers for products they wish to import
  2. Quality control of orders before loading
  3. Verification of reliability of Chinese suppliers
  4. Support in communications with Chinese suppliers through Chinese partners in the Local Market