Chinese interest in investing in Greece

A few weeks after the completion of two online forums addressed to Chinese investors, a very strong investment interest from China is already being erased, as George Floras, director of BELT AND ROAD ASSOCIATES, stated in his statements to ANA-MPA.

It is reminded that the two forums were organized, as the Greek co-organizer, from BELT AND ROAD ASSOCIATES.

As Mr. Floras noted, the online forums arose from the need to communicate due to the pandemic.

“But they turned out to be… gold, as with the online events, almost 500 executives of Chinese companies investing overseas were informed about Greece. The participation of members of the two governments in the forums played an important role, as this is a crucial factor for the participation of the Chinese. When they understand that the foreign government is supporting an event, more people participate. When they see that their own government is present (ambassador, representative of NDRC), then, with this presence, they see the “green light” to invest.

This is because China is a country whose foreign investment is highly dependent on political relations. In addition, the presence of the Greek government in the two forums (greetings from the Minister of Development and Investment Adonis Georgiadis in the 1st forum and the Minister of Tourism Haris Theocharis, the Deputy Minister of Development and Investments Nikos Papathanasis and the Deputy Minister of Development and Investments Christos Dimas in the 2nd forum) to the Chinese regarding the actions and the plans of the Greek Government for the realization of new investments in our country “.

Asked if he sees a specific interest in Chinese investment, he said: “What I can say with certainty is that I notice an increased interest of the Chinese in Greece. “There are of course reservations about the pandemic, but it is clear that there is a strong interest in energy and infrastructure.”

In energy, as he explained, the focus is on wind projects and Waste-related projects.

As he characteristically said: “Without any doubt I will say that at least 1 billion euros from China is currently looking for investments in Waste projects in Greece. They offer all kinds of technology and preferential financing for every project of energy production from waste. “

“From the various discussions I have had with the Chinese, I have been impressed by the proposal for the Fili landfill, a proposal worth hundreds of millions of euros. The landfill will be given as a park in the future, while with the production of energy there would be an economic benefit for the involved parties “.

Great interest, continued Mr. Floras, exists for infrastructure projects. “After the two forums, we have specific cases of companies that will participate in the project of Kavala, the gas storage, as well as in the project of the Thessaloniki Ring Road, while there is also interest in the railway projects of ERGOSE. “Let us not forget that the ardent desire of the Chinese is the” line “Greece – Europe, as part of CHINA – EUROPE CONTINENTAL EXPRESS” as he said.

Mr. Floras continued by emphasizing that at the forum organized on July 29, 2020, the projects related to research and technology were presented in particular.

“The goal is to inform investors that our country has significant opportunities in the field of technology. The potential for attracting investment from China in R&D is huge. And the reason we do not have the investments we can have in this area, when billions of euros of Chinese investments are directed to similar companies in many other countries, is that they do not know us. They do not know our potential; they do not know the projects. “Our plans are to systematically inform the Chinese about the investment opportunities in R&D”, underlines Mr. Floras.

Source: Athens News Agency – Macedonian Press Agency (ANA-MPA)