Greece is located in the center of the Southeastern side of the Mediterranean. In the center of an area with a population of 350 million inhabitants. In the only part of the world where 3 different continents intersect, three cultures with significant differences but also with many common characteristics. Southern Europe, North Africa and East Asia intersect with Greece as its center.

Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Egypt, Greece, Israel, Italy, Jordan, Kosovo, Lebanon, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Palestine, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia, Syria, Turkey.

Innovation is one of the common characteristics of the peoples of the Southeastern Mediterranean. Smart people, educated, seeking the opportunity to develop their ideas globally. At the same time, most countries in the Southeastern Mediterranean region lack significant investment capital.

Greece is the ideal base for Chinese investors wishing to invest in new Innovation companies in the Southeastern Mediterranean. Not only because geographically it is the center of the region but especially because it is traditionally a friend of all the different peoples of the Southeastern Mediterranean. One of the oldest members of Europe, in the core of the Balkan countries, a timeless friend of the Arab world and the countries of North Africa. Greece is the ideal place for Chinese investors who want to be the first to learn and grab investment opportunities in the Southeastern Mediterranean.

BELT AND ROAD ASSOCIATES is well aware of the difficulties that Chinese investors who want to take advantage of investment opportunities in Innovation, in a place so far from China, with such a diverse mix of cultures, may face.

BELT AND ROAD ASSOCIATES is determined to support the efforts of Chinese investors to expand in the Southeastern Mediterranean, in our neighborhood.