We invite you to invest in Greece in the field of Innovation. Today in Greece Young people of exceptional intelligence and education are working on fantastic innovations. Many small and large companies, many startups are waiting for investors to take advantage of the Innovation they are planning.

The Greek Government has created an extremely favorable framework for the development of Innovative companies and especially those that invest in R&D. A framework that includes financing, exceptional tax incentives, benefits of all kinds. For example, R&D costs are deducted 200% of taxable profits. Two huge Technology Parks are also being created in order to support all Innovation companies and especially the new ones (spin-off, startup).

Therefore, in the coming years Greece will experience an explosion of Innovation companies.

BELT AND ROAD ASSOCIATES is aware that it is not simple for a Chinese investor to identify in Greece an investment opportunity in time and make the necessary contacts so to be able to finally decide whether to invest or not. Especially in the field of Innovation where the speeds for a decision must be very fast.

So we start a new Service, which is addressed exclusively to Chinese investors.


CISEMI will inform Chinese investors in a timely manner of any investment opportunity presented in the field of Innovation in Greece.

CISEMI will provide to Chinese all details available for every project/company, including key persons and contact details. The data will enable Chinese investors to quickly assess a case and decide whether they are interested or not. If they are interested, they have the possibility of direct communication and negotiation.

By organizing online forums exclusively for CISEMI subscribers, Chinese investors will have multiple opportunities to get to know the Innovative Entrepreneurs, to learn about their company and their plans and to quickly make decisions about a future investment. CISEMI will bring together the Greek venture capital with the Chinese capital so that the financing rounds of small companies become more efficient.

CISEMI, if needed, will support Chinese in the next steps necessary to close the deal. Support in negotiations, legal and other advice if needed, etc.

CISEMI will start from May 2021. Follow us to keep posted