Business Matchmaking Cangzhou

Businesses can find customers and suppliers in Cangzhou through the Matchmaking Business Center operated by Cangzhou Furuisi Information Technology Consulting Service Co. Ltd.

Cangzhou Furuisi Information Technology Consulting Service Co. Ltd is located in Cangzhou city, China-CEEC SME Cooperation Zone where their Business Center is established.

The Business Center is committed to build a multi-field exchange platform of technology, trade and culture between China and European countries, focusing more attention to the development of the cooperation zone.


Company developed all necessary systems for entering imported goods on Chinese market as well as development of brand and scale up of existing products on the market .

System is made from four main pillars :

  • Research
  • Marketing and sales
  • Custom bonded warehouse
  • Product handling
  • Support



Potential customer identification

By identification of target customers and identification of potential partners we extends product chances to successfully enter and positioning on the market

Product viability and price research

With market research we identify opportunities , price points , competition and potential customers


Developing brand and products trough fairs and exposition places and online resources. They manage two exposition spaces in Langfang city 200 m2 and Cangzhou city CEEC expo space1600 m2.

While carrying out various businesses, the business center also pays great attention to expand brand influence. Every year actively participates in international activities to promote products and brand from our partners as well as CEEC SME cooperation zone with Europe.

Usages of online application for promotion of products has big benefits for sales and brand building . Company promote trough all popular apps such as : Taobao video , Kuaishou , TikTok ,WeChat .

We cooperate with promoters that have more then 100 000 followers on their channels .

Sales is organized trough standard store sales and online sales (we use all popular sales platforms : Taobao Alibaba ,Kwaishou , Wechat).


In year 2022. we establish company Cangzhou-CEEC Warehouse Services Co.,Ltd. that manage custom bonded warehouse.

A customs bonded warehouse is a facility that holds imported, duty-payable goods in storage for processing before they are delivered to their final destination.

One of the primary benefits of using a customs bonded warehouse is that imported goods are immune to disruptive geopolitical changes, effectively acting as protected custody.



We manage 6000 m2 of storage space and offer to companies both standard and temperature controlled storage space together with manipulation of goods . We cooperate with all big logistic companies to provide best service and to get goods on time to the customer . We cooperate with Yunda Express , YTO Express , ZTO Express , SF Express .


Efficient and cost effective support services


  • Allows for management and audit throughout the accounting cycle
  • Accounting of issued invoices
  • Bank account and cash box transactions
  • Managing Assets, Taxes, Tax reports


  • Contact and lead management
  • Marketing campaigns
  • Business activities
  • Business Opportunities


  • Pricing of Sales Parts
  • Creating Sales quotations and Sales orders
  • Invoicing and Shipping


  • Warehouse data collection
  • Real time stock information
  • Warehouse transaction history
  • Reporting


  • Purchase requisitions
  • Purchase approval routes
  • Purchase quotations and purchase orders
  • Registration of receiving purchased goods or services
  • Legal support



No.G building,Prague square  of Zhongjie high-tech zone, Hebei province. TEL :+86 1777 8822 986