BELT AND ROAD ASSOCIATES, faithful to the development effort of the BELT AND ROAD INITIATIVE, offers a new service to Chinese companies wishing to promote their services/products in Greece. The new service is called “VISIT PROFESSIONAL EXHIBITIONS IN GREECE“. With our new service you can “visit” professional exhibitions in Greece, without incurring the cost of traveling to Greece. We undertake to visit professional exhibitions organized in Greece, on behalf of the Chinese company, to present the company to exhibitors, to identify prospective clients-partners for you, to prepare the list of participating companies, and even to offer you a live video connection from each exhibition so that you can choose which exhibitors interest you.

In this way you can find clients or partners in Greece, aiming at the professional exhibition where many companies from every sector usually gather, and certainly the most important ones.


  1. “Visit to professional exhibition”, from 500,00 euros to 600,00 euros, see the list of exhibitions below.
  2. “Live video connection from the exhibition” (WeChat video call), 50 euros per video hour (packages of 2 and of 4 hours). “Live video connection from the exhibition” Service presupposes the Service “Visit to professional exhibition”.

“Visit to professional exhibition” Service includes the following:

  1. notification to the Chinese company of the list of participating companies before the exhibition, if available (English language)
  2. cooperation with the Chinese company to identify the profile of the prospective client-partners participating in the exhibition
  3. visit to the exhibition and communication with prospective clients – partners, with a presentation of the Chinese company. Provide the information of the Chinese company and contact details (in electronic form).
  4. Report after the exhibition that includes the exhibitors contacted and their contact information (of the relevant persons) (English language).

The Live video connection from the exhibition via WeChat video call Service includes:

  1. Connect via WeChat video call with the Chinese company during the exhibition. During the exhibition our partner walks around the exhibition and with the mobile phone shows the booths and exhibits to the Chinese company. If the Chinese company wishes, we ask questions directly to the exhibitors (English language).
  2. The service is available in two packages, 2 hours and 4 hours. Each package is for a continuous connection of 2 or 4 hours.
  3. We point out that there is a +6-hour time difference with Greece.

The exhibitions of the following months in Greece

  1. Motorcycle Show 2023 DATES 29/3/2023 – 2/4/2023
  2. Beauty Festival Spring 2023 DATES 1/4/2023 – 3/4/2023
  3. Hunting Exhibition DATES 7/4/2023 – 9/4/2023
  4. 48th Kastoria International Fur Fair DATES 27/4/2023 – 29/4/2023
  5. Beauty Greece Spring 2023 DATES 6/5/2023 – 8/5/2023
  6. Defea – Defence Exhibition Athens DATES 9/5/2023 – 11/5/2023
  7. School & Office 2023 DATES 20/5/2023 – 22/5/2023
  8. BEYOND 4.0 2023 DATES 24/5/2023 – 26/5/2023
  9. Premium Real Estate Expo 2023 DATES 9/6/2023 – 11/6/2023
  10. World of Coffee 2023 DATES 22/6/2023 – 24/6/2023
  11. Auto Moto World Thessaloniki Tuning Show DATES 7/4/2023 – 9/4/2023
  12. FRESKON DATES 23/4/2023 – 25/4/2023
  13. Forward Green (FG  Expo) DATES 8/6/2023 – 10/6/2023




DATES 29/3/2023 – 2/4/2023

The exhibition is an event for the world of two-wheelers, it is under the auspices of the Greek Motorcycle Importers Association (SEME), which ensures the support and participation of the country’s leading import companies. As part of the exhibition, the public will have the opportunity to get to know up close all the new models of motorcycles, scooters, electric two-wheelers, learn about clothing and safety equipment, accessories, lubricants, tires, spare parts, maintenance and the care, the services, all the technological developments of the sector, to attend safe driving seminars but also to drive in an organized track area (test ride) all the new models that will be presented to the visitors.

The cost of our service “Visit to professional exhibition” for MOTORCYCLE SHOW is 500,00 euros.


Beauty Festival Spring 2023

DATES 1/4/2023 – 3/4/2023

The 24th “Beauty Festival” is the most important event of the Beauty industry and brings together all the famous cosmetic brands with the professionals!

An inventive and successful organization, which combines the commercial dimension, i.e., the Cosmetics & Beauty industry, with the provision of knowledge to the modern industry professional, who has increasingly demanding requirements.

The exhibition is addressed exclusively to professionals in the field of aesthetics, make-up, extremity care, podiatry, hairdressing, alternative therapies, aesthetic medicine. Also, to students and commercial representatives of the above branches.

The International Exhibition and Conference of the Beauty Festival is in its 25th consecutive year of organization, and each time its traffic and reputation increase noticeably. The purpose of the organization is to remain the No. 1 trade fair and beauty conference in the country.  

Exhibitors are Companies with professional products for aesthetics, make-up, hairdressing, extremity care, podiatry, tattooing and semi-permanent make-up for alternative and general beauty.

The cost of our service “Visit to professional exhibition” for Beauty Festival Spring is 500,00 euros.



Hunting Exhibition

DATES 7/4/2023 – 9/4/2023

With hunting as its central subject but also with extensions to everything related to nature, mountains and adventure, the exhibition “HUNTING” changes the facts and sets new standards of professionalism. A modern organization, implemented by the oldest and most experienced team in the industry.

130 exhibitors, 35,000 participants

After the very successful “HUNTING 2022” which brought together organized visits from hunting clubs all over Greece, a further increase in traffic is expected, given the large exposure from television, from Sunday newspapers with high circulation, but also from the show “Morning Traces”, a production with a 15-year track record and a large audience, which is aired by ERT radio (ERASPOR) and of course by the magazine “Kynigesia & Kynophilia” and the weekly newspaper “Hunting News”. Also, the invitation and special benefits for retail professionals that started last year will be extended to an even larger number of recipients, so that in addition to hunters, it can be ensured that as many shopkeepers from all over Greece as possible will attend.

The cost of our service “Visit to professional exhibition” for Hunting Exhibition is 500,00 euros.


48th Kastoria International Fur Fair

DATES 27/4/2023 – 29/4/2023

With the participation of 65 of the largest local and international fur-making businesses while drawing in thousands of visitors from all over the world, the Kastoria International Fur Fair has undoubtedly made a name for itself as one of the most major fur sector events worldwide. This comes as no surprise since Kastoria is the source of fur, being the only productive center in the Western world.

Ready-made garments made exclusively of fur for both men and women, leather goods and other products combining fur, leather, and fabric as well as a wide range of accessories, such as bags, hats, scarves, and gloves are available to the Fair visitors.

The Kastoria International Fur Fair is the ideal meeting point for making trade deals as it displays a huge variety of top-quality goods, guaranteed by the most significant fur industries. Fashion, innovation, and luxury are the catchwords at this unique event, held at a spacious exhibition center, suitable for showcasing the furriers’ creations.

Also available at the Fair will be fur hides and fur plates of all qualities and in trendy colors as well as garment linings and fur-sewing equipment.

The Kastoria International Fur Fair conquers the market.

Every year thousands of trade buyers from more than 40 countries choose the Kastoria International Fur Fair. They come from Russia, Ukraine, Canada and the USA, in addition to a large constituency from all of Europe, which is to be expected since at the Exhibitors’ beautifully designed stands visitors can find products of all kinds and qualities in all price ranges to fully cover their needs and grace their shop windows.

Organized by the Kastorian Fur Association and TIF-HELEXPO – Supported by the biggest international auction houses.

The Fair is jointly organized by the Kastorian Fur Association and TIF-HELEXPO, the official exhibition organization in Greece. The event is also supported by the most significant international auction houses, such as NAFA, Saga Furs, Copenhagen Fur, and Sojuzpushnina, giving their vote of confidence to this major fur event.

Fur Shopping Festival

The Fur Shopping Festival is held every November as part of the Kastoria International Fur Fair. The Fur Shopping Festival is another exhibition event organized by the Kastorian Fur Association for wholesale and retail sales of fur products. More at (link site Fur Shopping Festival)

UFI-approved event

Since October 2017, the Kastoria Fur Fair has been labeled as an international event, having been certified by the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry (UFI) as a UFI-approved event, establishing the Kastoria International Fur Fair as a key player on the scene of major exhibitions.

The cost of our service “Visit to professional exhibition” for 48th Kastoria International Fur Fair is 700,00 euros.


Beauty Greece Spring 2023

DATES 6/5/2023 – 8/5/2023

The Biggest & Most Important Professional Event of the sector, where over 170 companies/exhibitors in 10,000 sq.m. exhibition space, they present approximately 1,000 top brands of Beauty products & services and offer privileged exhibition offers!!!

For all Beauty Service Professionals & Cosmetics Retailers “from head to toe”, Esthetics, Make-up, Permanent Make-up, Cosmetics, Hairdressing and Grooming… #TheBestofBeauty… only for Professionals!


The cost of our service “Visit to professional exhibition” for Beauty Greece Spring 2023 is 500,00 euros.


Defea – Defence Exhibition Athens

DATES 9/5/2023 – 11/5/2023


International Exhibition of Defense Industry, Defense Systems & National Security.

Α high-profile international defense exhibition where International companies present land, naval, aerospace, national and cyber security defense systems. DEFEA is organized under the auspices of the Hellenic Ministry of National Defence, with the cooperation of the Hellenic Manufacturers Association of Defence Material.

315 exhibitors from 22 countries

12.129 visitors from 54 countries

45 official delegations

14 Ministers of Defence and Deputy Ministers

13 Chiefs of Armed Forces

Defence Exhibition Athens (DEFEA) hosts the international defence industry alongside the major Greek defence companies, with an equal split across land, air, sea and cyber security.

The companies participating in the exhibition  present the latest technologies and cutting-edge defence systems in:

  • Land/ sea/ air
  • National security systems
  • Cyber security systems
  • Vehicles, vessels and aircrafts
  • Sub-assemblies and ammunition
  • Communication and detection systems
  • Weapons and weapon systems
  • Personal equipment & tools
  • Information & cyber security
  • Training, navigation & simulation
  • Infrastructures, logistic support & transportation
  • Medical, R&D and services

either as part of a National Pavillion or independently.

You may find the participants list of DEFEA HERE


The cost of our service “Visit to professional exhibition” for DEFEA is 800,00 euros. “Live video connection from the exhibition” service is not available for DEFEA due to security reasons.


School & Office 2023

DATES 20/5/2023 – 22/5/2023

The 10th School & Office Expo, the long-awaited trade fair of the stationery industry, will take place from 20 to 22 May 2023. The exhibition School & Office was established in 2012 and to this day has a huge appeal nationwide. Undoubtedly, it is an excellent means of promoting products and services for professionals in the sector, and every year it is trusted by the biggest companies on the market, as well as by every innovative company that wishes to promote its activity.

General expo sections: Stationery, Toys, Gifts, Items for DIY constructions, Office equipment & accessories, Publishers.

The Trade Fair School and Office is an initiative of the Association of suppliers of stationery, school items, writing accessories and office supplies. The School & Office expo is nationally the largest event for the industry of stationery suppliers, school items, writing accessories, office supplies, consumables, gift items, DIY constructions, toys and specialized publications.

At the SCHOOL & OFFICE Trade Fair, exhibitors are:

  • Greek manufacturers, importers, wholesalers, agents and distributors of products and services related to the subject of the exhibition (categories of exhibits).
  • Agencies, Organizations, Unions, Cooperatives, etc. related to the subject of the exhibition.



Stationery – Writing Supplies, Filing and Organization, Drawing – Painting & Craft Supplies, Stationery & Paper Trading, Toys & Creative Occupation materials, Gifts & Decorations, Greeting cards, Publishing – Books, Calendars, Accessories – PC peripherals, Bookshop – Office Equipment, Computer Services

The cost of our service “Visit to professional exhibition” for School & Office 2023 is 500,00 euros.


BEYOND 4.0 2023

DATES 24/5/2023 – 26/5/2023

During the last two years, BEYOND Expo acted as an international platform for exchanging views and ideas that explore the social and economic impact of the 4th Industrial Revolution and the multiple opportunities created in the evolving sector of technology. Although Industry 4.0 has brought incredible advances in our everyday life, as well as in the business sector, such as Artificial Intelligence, logistics’ optimization, IoT, additive manufacturing, robotics etc., there is still one aspect of the industry that needs to be highlighted:


In the coming technological age, the main idea, is to complement the existing “Industry 4.0” approach, by focusing on research and innovation, so to provide a space for humans and AI to collaborate in harmony. This year, during the 2 day Conference, BEYOND is ready to seek the balance between efficiency and productivity, through creative dialogues and keynote speeches from distinguished experts of multiple technological sectors.

BEYOND was designed in Greece, a country with a long tradition of science, technology, and innovation excellence going back to antiquity.

The goal is to offer participants a range of B2B and B2G meetings, lectures, thematic workshops, and a concurrent conference that will comprise an exceptional, multifaceted tool for promoting and developing business connections. As a result, small and large businesses, stakeholders, and professionals from all over the world will have the opportunity to present their products and services to a bespoke audience, investors, and agencies from Greece and overseas.

In addition to the tangible exhibition, participants will have the opportunity to take advantage of online B2B and B2G meetings to negate all distances and offer every professional who trusts us and honors us with their participation the means to achieve their goals. During the exhibition and after its conclusion, participants will be able to add their professional profile to BEYOND’s platform to maximize connectivity and publicity.

The exhibition’s four central themes are:

  • Division of Commercial Companies of Technological Digital Applications
  • Startups Sector
  • Department of Research Centers & Universities
  • Conference & Workshops Area

Benefits attending BEYOND:

  • A huge trade show, in a strategic point of Europe in terms of new technologies. The exhibition takes place in an area of over 20,000 sq., ideal for the excellent hospitality of a huge number of visitors.
  • Investors, stakeholders, multinationals but also smaller startups, public and private entities as well as research centers, universities and important executives in the field of technology will be present at BEYOND 2022.
  • A two-day conference that focuses on the future of Ai technology and its areas of application in the service of humans.
  • A rich program of B2B & B2G meetings, round tables, parallel events, presentations, workshops as well as many networking opportunities.

Under the motto “Exhibition Meets Summit”, Thessaloniki, a vibrant city playing a leading role in the field of startups, spinoff companies, and technology businesses, will become for a second consecutive year a big development hub where participants in the exhibition program will have the opportunity to establish meaningful business relationships, create a network with both private and public sector agencies, as well as draw inspiration for tomorrow.

The cost of our service “Visit to professional exhibition” for BEYOND 4.0 2023 is 700,00 euros.


Premium Real Estate Expo 2023

DATES 9/6/2023 – 11/6/2023

The 3rd Premium Real Estate Expo 2023, the unique exhibition on Real Estate and Investments in Greece, will take place from Friday 09 to Sunday 11 June 2023 for a three-day event full of professional meetings.

The 2nd Premium Real Estate Expo 2022 had 62 companies exhibiting from the Real Estate industry, such as real estate agencies, construction companies, real estate management companies, financial institutions, while in terms of attendance, more than 5,000 real estate professionals, technical offices, investors from national and international market, as well as private property owners, were registered. 

At the 3rd Premium Real Estate Expo 2023, participation is expected to increase significantly, as companies from the construction industry will also take part. In addition, the Premium Real Estate Expo is launching a specialized Hosted Buyer Program, through which it has already attracted investors from target countries

As part of the 3rd Premium Real Estate Expo, the 2nd Premium Real Estate Forum will take place. The Forum will present the most current issues that concern the real estate industry and the public. Distinguished speakers from Greece and abroad will present the trends and developments of the Greek real estate market.

In 2023, the exhibitors and visitors to the exhibition will have the opportunity to present their services online through the innovative online platform Exhibitors will have the opportunity to present their properties and services online to interested investors from Greece and abroad, scheduling live B2B meetings, while it will allow visitors to the exhibition to re-watch all the speeches of the 2nd Premium Real Estate Forum.

Premium Real Estate Expo is the unique exhibition on Real Estate organized in Greece. It is an attraction for domestic and international visitors, investors with interest in the Greek real estate market and professionals in the field.

The cost of our service “Visit to professional exhibition” for Premium Real Estate Expo 2023 is 500,00 euros.


World of Coffee 2023

DATES 22/6/2023 – 24/6/2023


Traveling to a different European city each June, World of Coffee is the essential event for coffee professionals – drawing a loyal audience from the global specialty coffee community. Brought to you by the SCA, the event has more than tripled in size and stature over the last nine years, growing from 3,000 visitors and 45 exhibitors to 11,000 visitors and 350+ exhibitors.

The backbone of World of Coffee is the dynamic 5000 sq.m. exhibition hall featuring over 350 of the world’s leading coffee and HoReCa industry suppliers. Europe’s largest coffee trade show is more than just a trade show – it is a festival of innovation and learning comprising of:

  • Four World Coffee Championships
    • World Barista Championship
    • World Brewers Cup
    • World Cup Tasters Championship
    • Cezve/Ibrik Championship
  • The SCA’s cutting-edge lecture and workshop series
  • Green Coffee Buyers & Sellers Program
  • Two busy tasting rooms
  • Two ever-popular Roaster Villages
  • The highly coveted Best New Product Awards & Coffee Design Awards


The cost of our service “Visit to professional exhibition” for World of Coffee 2023 is 600,00 euros.



DATES 7/4/2023 – 9/4/2023


The Thessaloniki Tuning Show offers the opportunity to a wide range of dealers and professionals in the automotive field to present all the new products and technological developments in their field. Our goal is for the exhibition to be a powerful and useful tool for promoting the products and services promoted by the exhibitors participating in it.

The Helexpo Thessaloniki Exhibition has been chosen as the venue for the 4th Thessaloniki Tuning Show, which, among other things, perfectly fits the aesthetics of the whole project! The TIF HELEXPO International Exhibition & Conference Center is located in the “heart” of Thessaloniki, with easy access from every part of the city and by all means of transport.

Functional, ample space, gives professionals the opportunity and possibility to have comfortable and productive, direct contact with visitors.


• To be informed about the latest trends and developments in the automotive field.

• For direct communication with responsible and specialized professionals in the field.

• For your entertainment and entertainment through participation in a variety of side events.

• Because it is the only industry exhibition in Northern Greece and is being organized with great success for the third year in a row.

The cost of our service “Visit to professional exhibition” for AUTO MOTO WORLD THESSALONIKI TUNING SHOW is 700,00 euros.



DATES 23/4/2023 – 25/4/2023

The FRESKON Fresh Fruit and Vegetable International Trade Event is the focus of developments in the fresh produce sector, making it the largest meeting of producers, international retail groups, and domestic and international transporters in Southeastern Europe.

Freskon aims to highlight exceptional fresh produce, develop trade and exports, and broaden sector partnerships through a high-quality exhibition event, with a targeted B2B meeting program, international congresses, side events, and innovative product presentations.

Who Participate

Cooperatives · Producers · Fruit & Vegetable Wholesalers · Fruit and Vegetable Importers and Exporters · Super Market Chains · Transport and Logistics Companies · Consulting and Certification Companies · Machines · Packaging Materials


The cost of our service “Visit to professional exhibition” for FRESKON is 700,00 euros.


Forward Green (FG  Expo)

DATES 8/6/2023 – 10/6/2023

The ‘Forward Green’ (FG Expo) exhibition and congress event is a TIF – HELEXPO initiative that aims to contribute to the implementation of a new entrepreneurial mentality for Greece, based on circular economy, green development, and the transformation of business models in order to conserve natural resources and move towards sustainable development.

This new approach to the economy concerns a number of processes that require circular planning, which begins at the use of the raw materials and leads all the way to production, distribution, consumption, and the recycling of the consumed products, so that the least amount of waste ends up in the environment.
With the support of the state, which will have to invest substantially in the sustainable management of the economy, and the global urgent need to follow policies and practices oriented towards green entrepreneurship and innovation, FG Expo aims to create the right environment for networking for the private and the public sector.

The 1st FG Expo International Exhibition is addressed to companies, agencies, organizations, and governmental agents that are adopting modern practices for the utilization of raw materials, construction materials, technologies, energy, recycling, and packaging, which, through innovative solutions and smart partnerships, will have a positive impact on the reduction of environmental pollution, increasing the sustainability of products and services, while also creating new business opportunities.

The cost of our service “Visit to professional exhibition” for Forward Green (FG  Expo) is 700,00 euros.