At a time when the Pandemic is affecting the entire western world, Greece remains a safe haven for investors as, despite the adverse effects on the economy due to the pandemic, the fundamental size of the Greek economy remains very strong. Greece recently issued a 15-year bond, for which demand was huge and finally closed at an interest rate of 1.15%. At the same time, Greece’s cash reserve amount to tens of billions of euros. All this, in combination with the preferential policies that now apply to investors, prove that Greece remains a strong destination for foreign investment.

We are pleased to note that the interest of Chinese companies in investing in Greece has increased in recent months. At BELT AND ROAD ASSOCIATES we know first-hand the interest of very large Chinese companies in participating in Greek Government projects, in investments in the energy sector, in waste management, in the technology sector, in the mineral sector, in the acquisition of major construction companies and in other areas.

However, the interest of Chinese companies to install assembly units of their products in Greece is also impressive, taking advantage of the favorable tax regime and the various incentives offered by the Government, in order for their products to acquire the European “ID”, in a country that has exceptional advantages, such as Greece.

The goal of BELT AND ROAD ASSOCIATES is to attract investment from China amounting to $ 1,000,000,000 by the end of 2021. We are optimistic that this goal will be achieved as it becomes clear to Chinese companies that there are significant investment opportunities in Greece and we are here to support their participation in them.

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