It is our great honor to welcome to Greece the delegation from Zhengzhou, China, led by Mr. An Wei Party Secretary of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Zhengzhou Municipal Committee. The delegation visited Greece, at the invitation of BELT AND ROAD ASSOCIATES, with the aim of deepening the ties between Zhengzhou and Greece, especially with the city of Athens and the Municipalities of the Attica Region. As part of the delegation’s visit, we organized, among other meetings, a meeting with the Governor of Attica Region, Mr. Giorgos Patoulis, and with the Επαγγελματικό Επιμελητήριο Αθηνών (EEA) – Athens Chamber of Tradesmen, the largest Chamber in Greece, represented by the First Vice President, Mr. Nikos Grentzelos. An important event of the visit is the signing of a 5-year Memorandum of Cooperation between BELT AND ROAD ASSOCIATES (represented by George Floras) and the Zhengzhou Municipal Development and Reform Commission (represented by Director Mr. Xia Yang) with the aim of cooperation in promoting exchanges and cooperation among the respective governments, enterprises, and institutions and advancing deepened cooperation and development in various fields such as industries, economy, and trade. Also, the two sides will jointly organize irregular trade and investment conferences, industrial investment promotion conferences, business matchmaking conferences, and similar activities, will collaboratively work towards creating a comprehensive service platform for trade, investment, and technological cooperation between the two places and plan to build an entrepreneurs’ network between them.
During the meetings, trade and investment issues were discussed, while special emphasis was placed on the launch of a direct flight from Zhengzhou to Athens and investments in Green Energy.
The members of the delegation are:
1.     An Wei Party Secretary of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Zhengzhou Municipal Committee
2.     Geng Yongjun Director of Zhengzhou Municipal Finance Bureau
3.     Pan Xinhong Director of Foreign Affairs Office of Zhengzhou Municipal People’s Government
4.     Xia Yang Director of Zhengzhou Development and Reform Commission
5.     Li Hongzhi Deputy Director of General Office of CPC Zhengzhou Municipal Committee
6.     Mi Yalan Division Chief of Foreign Affairs Office of Zhengzhou Municipal People’s Government
7.     Yang Yinghui Chairman of Zhengzhou Investment Group Co., Ltd
8.     Du Zhenyi Deputy Director of Comprehensive Department of Zhengzhou Development Investment Group Co., Ltd.
9.     Gao Zhenzhu Director of Investment Department Ⅱ of Zhengzhou Zhongrongchuang Industrial Investment Group Co., Ltd

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