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BELT AND ROAD ASSOCIATES started in 2016 with a very clear business plan. Bridging Chinese Investment Funds with Investment Projects on the “Belt and Road” way of China. We mainly engage in overseas mergers and acquisitions and investment banking business.
BELT AND ROAD ASSOCIATES is headquartered in Greece. Today it is the most dedicated company in the Belt and Road initiative in Greece, the company that really supports Chinese companies that want to invest in Greece.


The people of BELT AND ROAD ASSOCIATES fully understand both the Chinese and the Greeks. Either because they originate and work in China or Greece. We have the advantage that we can and fully understand the needs of both sides because we are part of them, in order to bring in contact people and businesses from the two countries to achieve successful partnerships.
Our team comprises people with experience in important aspects of the fields necessary to promote successful partnerships (investment plans, legal and tax support, public relations, Government relations etc).

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One thought on “About Us”
  1. Hello Beltandroadassociation,
    We are Hailiang group here to try to contact you.
    I am QinJiancheng as Market Development Manager here to speak.
    Three years ago I met George in GCCAC 2019 Beijing with nice chat to know you.
    Now we are trying to expend our bussiness in greek market and I think you may help.
    We are committed to copper processing trade worldwide and now is one of the biggest manufactor. (Top 500) You may see details of our group and product in the website.

    We would like to cooperate with a local agency to get into the market quickly and maintain long-term relationship.
    If you have any interest or advise pls feel free to contact me.
    Thank you.

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