The visit of the 35-member Greek Delegation to Xi’an, China (Shaanxi Province) was successfully completed between December 10-13, 2017. From the Greek side, the organizer was BELT AND ROAD ASSOCIATES. On the Chinese side, the organizers were CAFIEC and CCPIT Xi’an.

The promotion of Greece as an investment destination for Chinese investors, the strengthening of bilateral relations between Greece and China and the pursuit of a direct flight from Xi’an to Greece were at the center of the Greek mission’s discussions with the Xi’an Government and local enterprises. Head of the Greek Delegation was the Head of the Legal Office of Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras and Former Prime Minister of Greece mrs Vasiliki Thanou, accompanied by Deputy Minister of Rural Development and Food mr Yannis Tsironis and MP Nicholas Nikolopoulos as well as representatives of tourism and the business community.

The aim of the mission was to inform Chinese investors through informational talks during the “2017 China (Xi’an) – Greece Investment and Financing Trade Forum” and to discuss with investors about their possible participation in the investment plans of Greek companies.

Shaanxi Province, the birthplace of China’s President Xi Lingping, is one of China’s most economically strong regions with an annual GDP of nearly $ 280 billion, a little below Beijing ($ 330 billion) and Shanghai ($ 360 billion).


From the Greek side, besides the Greek Government and organizers, a number of entrepreneurs and representatives of organizations (such as the Regulatory Authority of Energy, TAIPED etc.) and representatives of Universities participated. Some of the members of the mission also took on the role of Speaker at the 2017 China (Xi’an) – Greece Investment and Financing Trade Forum. The theme of the talks was the investment opportunities in various sectors of Greece.


On 11/12 in the morning, the Greek Delegation met for 90 minutes with the Governor of Xi’an. From the words of Governor of Xi’an, we found that Greece is a country with a special link with China and especially with Xi’an, the Governor of Xi’an  said “everywhere we find Greece in front of us”. The two cities of Athens and Xi’an can create an excellent cooperation at all levels, as the Governor of Xi’an admitted, “the cities from which Western and Eastern Civilization began.”

Present at the meeting, except of Xi’an’s Governor, Mr. Shangguan Jiqing., were key representatives of the Xi’an Government leadership.

The meeting was attended by the former Prime Minister Mr. Thanou, the Deputy Minister of Rural Development and Food Mr. Yannis Tsironis, the MP Nikolaos Nikolopoulos, the managing partner of the organizer of the event Belt and Road Associates Mr. George Floras, former TAIPED president mrs Lila Tsitsogiannopoulou, Deputy Mayor of Kalamata Mr. Pavlos Bouzianis, Deputy Mayor of Kalamata Mr. Dimopoulos, Yiannis Kyriakopoulos of Thales Finance and Mr. Haris Sachinis Business Development Officer of Aegean Airlines.


An important subject of the meeting with the Governor of Xi’an was the direct flight from Xi’an to Greece. Mrs Thanou expressed to the Governor of Xi’an the willingness of the Greek Government to support such an action and called for immediate action on the issue. Immediately after the meeting with the Governor of Xi’an, consultations took place on which the Xi’an government pledged to launch a direct flight to Greece within a maximum of the next 24 months.

For both sides, the direct flight is the step forward for Greece to be a transit hub for Chinese tourists.


After the meeting with the Governor of Xi’an followed, in a packed room, the event “2017 China (Xi’an) – Greece Investment and Financing Trade Forum”.

The event was welcomed by Mr. Thanou, Mr. Tsironis and Mr. Nikolopoulos. Also a video message of the Minister of Economy and Development, Mr. Papadimitriou, was broadcast, especially for the event.

Following were presentations on the following topics

· The Deputy Minister of Rural Development and Food Mr. Yannis Tsironis on Invest In Agriculture in Greece

· The former chairman of TAIDED and current member of the Board of Directors, Mrs. Lila Tsitsogiannopoulou, presented the portfolio of TAIDED

· Thales Finance Managing Director Mr. Yiannis Kyriacopoulos on “Invest in Banking Sector in Greece”

· Member of the Regulatory Authority of Energy Mrs. Nektaria Karakatsanis on “Invest in Energy in Greece”.

· The managing partner of Belt and Road Associates Mr. Giorgos Floras on “Invest In Greece”

· The member of the National Supply Chain Committee Mr. Theodoros Skamagos on “Invest In Logistics in Greece”


After the event, B2B meetings were held in another room.


On 12/12, the Chinese organizers guided the Greek Delegation to the INTERNATIONAL FINANCE AND TRADE ZONE, an astonishing establishment of the Xi’an Government. We visited the Free Trade Zone, the Derivatives Exchange, the train facilities traveling to Europe and the Ecological Center.




























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